Wheatfromchaff is dedicated to helping investors in early stage businesses sort the Wheat from the Chaff!

We believe that investors do not have access to enough affordable, objective, systematic research into early stage businesses. We are building a series of low-cost, checklist driven products that will provide investors with affordable independent coverage of the entire market they are investing in. Our first service www.crowdrating.co.uk addresses the fast growing UK equity crowd funding market and launched in September 2015 and provides comprehensive coverage of all major platforms.

Wheatfromchaff was founded by Alex Heath and Modwenna Rees-Mogg, both experienced entrepreneurs with deep knowledge of financial markets in general and early stage investing in particular.

Alex Heath

Alex trained as a credit analyst at Citibank before attending Harvard Business School in 1991.   He was a pioneer of online financial services as CEO of interactive investor plc that returned substantial returns to investors when it floated at a valuation of £250 million in 2000.   He has subsequently worked with several venture capital firms, including Pond Ventures, Lynx New Media, and Pi Capital and has been an active Angel Investor for fifteen years, with his most recent successful exit that of electronic invoicing solutions provider OB10, in which Alex was the first external investor, when it was purchased by Tungsten Plc for over £100m in 2014.

Modwenna Rees-Mogg MA (Hons)

Modwenna has 20 years working in corporate finance, business angel investment and venture capital.  She started AngelNews (www.angelnews.co.uk) in 2003 focusing on media and events in the angel and VC market.  From £1,000 of start up capital, she has grown it into the leading information provider and commentator on the business angel market in the UK. In recent years her business has also launched Pitching for Management and the Great British Workforce Revolution and leading investor conferences including the Great British Private Investor and the VCT & EIS Investor Forum.

She is a Non Executive Director of Albion Tech and General VCT, www.albion-ventures.co.uk and of Asset Match, www.assetmatch.com and a Visiting Fellow at the Bettany School of Entrepreneurship, Cranfield University. She has published ‘Crowdfunding, How to raise money and make money in the crowd’ and ‘Dragons or Angels’, a handbook for people wanting to become or raise money from business angels. 

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